No matter the age or skill level of your child, our Instructors are always at hand for a tailored, helpful and fun session. 


We are confident that once you give our Club a try, you will want to return. We are also aware that you may just want to see if we are the right fit for you or your child, so please don't hesitate to book a FREE TRIAL.

Studies have shown that regular practice of Martial Arts can influence many functional aspects, leading to positive effects on both personality and cognitive factors, with implications in psychological well-being, and in the educational field.

Our son has been learning Taekwondo for over 3 years in the US and we transferred to the UK recently. He’s been part of the FLY HIGH club for over 6 months now. Niresh has been an amazing teacher and mentor to our 11 year old. The club has taken a lot of personal interest in his development, encouraging him constantly while also keeping him challenged. We are very glad we found this place. Would strongly recommend to beginners and advanced practitioners!

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